3 Important Things To Know About Your New English Bulldog Puppy

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With their chubby faces, easygoing temperament, and sweet personalities, it is hard not to love English bulldogs. These playful pups have a loyal disposition and a people-pleasing attitude that make them ideal as a family pet. They play well with other pets, are super intelligent, and love to cuddle any time you get a spare moment to give them some loving. However, just like any good dog breed, there are some important facts to consider before you bring your English bulldog puppy home to make sure it has the most comfortable and happy life possible. Here are a few things every prospective owner should know. 

It is best to socialize your puppy early. 

English bulldogs are great social animals, but they only develop this attribute if they are properly socialized. A bulldog that is not allowed out around others very often or that has never seen a cat or other household pet may show signs of aggression. The earlier you can start socializing your puppy, the more likely it will be that you'll end up with an adult bulldog that gets along well with others. Make sure you: 

Provide your puppy with a comfortable climate. 

All dogs with the shortened snout and sort-of squished face are known to have problems when it comes to excessive heat. Therefore, if you live in a hot climate, you will have to make arrangements for your playful English bulldog to have its own space indoors. Outdoor time should be limited when temperatures are high, and even then, make sure your puppy has a nice, shady spot to relax. 

Get familiar with signs of deafness in a puppy. 

Unfortunately, English bulldogs can be prone to deafness. Even though deafness can be a degenerative thing in bulldogs, most puppies will start to develop problems early on. Some signs your puppy may not be hearing properly include: 

Even though you will likely love your pup just as much even if it can't hear, knowing that your dog is deaf can make it a lot easier to train them and take care of them. 

Contact a breeder in your area to learn more about English bulldog puppies.