Tips To Help You Prepare A Comfortable Home For Your New Baby Bearded Dragon

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A pet is a great way to provide you company and entertainment and gives you an opportunity to teach your children the importance of responsibility and caring for a pet. When you choose to bring home a baby bearded dragon as your new pet, there are some essential items you need to keep them happy and healthy. Here are some tips to help you prepare a pleasant home for your new bearded dragon.

Habitat Protection

One of the most important things to provide for a baby bearded dragon is a glass enclosure tank to keep them from getting lost in your house. Bearded dragons don't move very much, but when they do, they can run quite quickly—and if they are running free-range in your home, they may become lost and cold. A glass tank, such as a fish tank, is the best place for them, as you can keep them warm under a heat lamp.

For a baby bearded dragon, you only need a smaller-sized tank, but they will grow. For this reason, it is a good idea to select a larger-sized tank—up to 60 gallon capacity—to allow space for them when they grow larger, as they can grow the length of your forearm.

Line the bottom of the tank with a reptile carpeting, which you can find at most pet stores, paper towels, or newspaper. You will need to clean their tank of dragon droppings every few days.

Interior Environment

Within the tank habitat, you should provide a variety of areas for your bearded dragon to sleep, warm their body under the heat lamp, and chase their food. Your bearded dragon is going to spend a large amount of time inside the tank, so add some objects that can provide it interest and variety.

You can add a piece of wood for your dragon to sit atop to get closer to the heating lamp. And it is a good idea to keep a hiding place for them, such as a box or a faux piece of bark, which you can find at a local pet store.

Also, be sure you keep a thermometer inside the tank so you can keep an eye on the tank's interior temperature. Bearded dragons come from Australia and are used to a warm environment with some humidity, which helps them stay comfortable, especially when they are shedding their skin. To keep the humidity at a comfortable level in their tank, you can use a spray bottle to mist the interior throughout the day.

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