Five Things About Poodles That Makes Them Stand Out

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If you're thinking of getting a poodle puppy, but are not sure if one is right for you, then you should consider their unique characteristics. Poodles are unique not only for their appearance, but also in history, intelligence, and behavior. Here are five facts about poodles that make them stand out against most other breeds.

They Were Originally a Hunting Breed

Though there were dogs similar to poodles ranging back into ancient history, the breed was refined and developed in Germany as a hunting dog. Specifically, they were bred to retrieve ducks in the water and are excellent swimmers. Their coat is said to be well-designed for being in water and they have a "soft mouth" which is a highly desirable trait with hunters.

They are Highly Intelligent

It's no secret that poodles are high intelligent and easy to train to do a variety of tasks. Poodles are very versatile and can be used for a wide variety of work or play activities. Because of their intelligence, they are utilized in a variety of ways including doing performances and service dogs. Some poodles are even trained to search out mushrooms.

They Don't Shed Much

Poodle hair just keeps growing and they shed much less than other breeds. This means fewer problems with dog hair around your home. Because their hair keeps growing, grooming is extremely important. They are also reported to have less of a smell. However, poodles still have dander and there is debate about their "hypoallergenic" potential, so consult your doctor if you think you have dog allergies.

They Can Jump Very High

Poodles are excellent jumpers which makes them great candidates for agility training and similar tasks. Jumping is so natural for them that they will simply do it out of excitement. Be aware that their jumping skills allow them to scale high fences, so be sure to fence your yard accordingly.

They are Very People Friendly

Though every dog varies individually, most poodles are highly focused on their family and are willing to please their owners. Properly trained poodles tend to do well in public and their energetic personality makes the larger-sized poodle types great walking and jogging companions.

Even if you're just planning on making your puppy purely a pet, poodles are a fun and active breed that will enhance your household. Their ease of training as well as friendly demeanor makes them a pleasure to be around. If you are looking for a poodle puppy, or you want to know more about them, then contact a breeder or seller with poodle puppies for sale for more information.