3 Ways To Get Your Pet Ready To Fight Ticks This Fall

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Ticks are not just a problem in the fall and winter. Ticks are also a problem for pets in the fall time as well. Just because the temperature has cooled down doesn't mean that the threat of ticks is gone. If you take your dog out hiking or allow your cat to explore the yard, they may still encounter ticks when they are outside.

#1 Clean Up Your Yard

If you want to keep ticks away from your pets, you need to start with a clean yard. Ticks love to hide out in the thick and tall grass, so make sure that you cut your grass on a regular basis. Short grass is much harder for ticks to hide in and cuts down on the ticks in your yard.

As it starts to get cold outside, ticks will move to warmer spots in your yard, such as piles of leaves or piles of garden debris. Make sure that you rake up all of your leaves and put them in a compost pile or properly dispose of them. If you put the leaves in a compost pile, make sure to keep your pets away from the compost, as ticks could potentially turn the warm pile of compost into a winter home for themselves.

If ticks are really a problem in your yard, there are sprays that you can put on your yard to cut down on ticks.

#2 Treat Your Pets

Don't stop treating your pets for ticks just because the start of fall is upon you. You should continue to treat your pet for ticks.

There are lots of ways to treat your pets for ticks. You can put a tick collar on your pet. You can apply a topical solution to your pet's fur. You can provide your pet with medication that will help keep ticks away.

Just make sure that you always use medication that is designed for your pet. That means not giving tick medication for your dog to your cat. It also means making sure that the medication works for your pet based on their weight and medical history. A small eight-pound dog doesn't need the same dosage as a hundred-pound dog. When in doubt, always check with your vet.

#3 Check Your Pets

Finally, one of the best ways to help your pet fight ticks is to check your pet. Although depending on where you live you may not be able to check your pet for ticks every time you let them inside, you need to be checking your pet for ticks a couple of times a week.

Every other day, spend a few minutes brushing your pet and checking behind their ears and on their underbody for ticks. If you remove a tick fast enough after it latches on, you can prevent the transmission of disease. Grooming your pet on a regular basis is a great way to check your pet for ticks and help keep your pet healthy and safe. For more information, contact your local animal hospital.