Three Reasons Why It's Not Safe For Your Cat To Roam A Rural Neighborhood

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Living in a home off the beaten path might seem like it's safe for your cat. After all, with less traffic, your cat is far less likely to be injured by a car. However, rural neighborhoods have plenty of threats all their own. Here's why you should consider keeping your cat kept safely inside even in a rural area.

Wild Animals

Wild animals are far more likely to pop up in new home developments and rural areas. This is typically because these homes are built in territory that recently was solely inhabited by wild animals. When the homes move in, the animals don't necessarily leave. Unfortunately, they could see a cat as prey potential.

Depending on your area, there could be multiple risks. Coyotes, for example, are a serious problem for housepets. Some people even live around larger creatures, like wild cats or bears. Even a simple raccoon can potentially be deadly if it chooses to tangle with a cat.


The outdoors may seem more appealing in your new home, and the air may smell fresher, but there are also a lot of negatives to a rural neighborhood. For one, pests are more likely.

There are plenty of bugs that are dangerous for cats to be around. Fleas and ticks are far more likely in wooded areas, and your cat could easily pick some up while roaming through tall grass and up trees. Other pests, like poisonous spiders, are also often common in more rural areas, which could pose a threat to your cat. Even if the spider is the one being hunted, eating this kind of thing isn't safe for cats.

Distance from Vet

Most new housing developments and rural neighborhoods are far away from major cities. Unfortunately, this means that your local vet isn't quite so local. If anything happens to your cat while it's roaming outdoors, getting help will take longer. As a result, you should do everything that you can to ensure that your cat doesn't get injured, which means keeping them indoors.

Keeping your cat inside doesn't mean that they have to be cooped up in the house. You can buy cat fencing to provide your cat with a larger area to explore and roam in your backyard while taking steps to ensure that the yard is neatly trimmed and safe from bugs and wild animals. Your cat will get exercise, fresh air, and a sense of freedom without experiencing the risk that a rural area can bring.