Does Your Cat Need To Be Vaccinated?

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You may think that because your cat is an indoor cat that he doesn't need to be vaccinated. It doesn't matter if your cat stays inside or if he goes outside occasionally, your cat should be vaccinated. Those vaccinations can prevent the spread of harmful disease to your cat and to you. Some diseases can be spread to you as well if your cat has not been vaccinated. Read on for information about vaccinations for your cat and why your cat should be vaccinated.

Some Facilities Require Vaccinations

If you intend on having your cat boarded or groomed, these types of places may require that your pet be vaccinated. This is because your cat may spread a harmful disease to another animal at these facilities or to any of the employees that handle your cat. They could be liable if your cat caused injury to another animal at their facility, so it's important to be sure your cat has been properly vaccinated.

Vaccinations Protect Your Pet As Well

Vaccinations do not just protect you from getting a disease, or protect other pets; they can protect your cat from getting a disease such as rabies or an infection from pneumonia. Protect your cat with vaccinations to ensure your cat has a long and healthy life. 

What Diseases And Infections Do The Vaccinations Protect Against?

Vaccinations are given to your cat on a schedule that begins when your cat is around 6 - 9 weeks and then yearly to every three years. The vaccinations protect against:

These are some of the disease and infections that the vaccinations can protect your cat from getting. All of these diseases can be deadly to your cat if he is not vaccinated. The rabies vaccine is given to your kitten at a young age, then again at one year, and then it is given every three years. The Panleukopenia vaccine is also given on this type of schedule. The feline calicivirus and feline leukemia vaccines are given at a young age, and then annually once they become adults.

If you have a new kitten in your life, or if you have an older cat that has never been vaccinated, talk to your veterinarian about getting him on a schedule to ensure your cat has a long life that is free of disease.

For more information, reach out to companies like the Cat Care Clinic.